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I’m finding it really hard to be happy. I have nothing to be happy about. i need something. i need change. I want to be around people. but that’s become so difficult. Because how can be around people when people don’t want to be around me. i don’t want to live anymore

Fuck this World

I’m thinking seriously about suicide. I can’t think of a reason to live anymore. nobody cares. I just want to feel some compassion. There’s no point to living anymore. except a don’t have the guts to do it. I’m going to be alone forever

Help me I dying inside. i need help.please

Just be Happy

I find it strange when people say “just be happy” “Be Happy with what you have.” Because that’s impossible. No one can just decide to be happy. And if they did, it would be fake. People who have much more than me (socially, emotionally or financially) get sad for various reasons. “being happy with what you have” won’t work on them. They need; Time and/or someone’s love to to help. I do feel fortunate to have my own apartment and my many possessions. But do money and things really make anyone happy in their heart? I’m lucky to have the job that I do, however it’s not in the business I’m passionate about, and I have no respect from my peers. Should I really be happy about that? 

Selfless Love is the only thing worth being happy about.

Shitty Life

I’m so sad. I just wanna die. People keep telling me they care but they don’t. they lie to me and themselves. I know because they don’t listen to me. they roll their eyes when say something. Like they are obligated to acknowledge my existent. I just want someone to listen to me. care about me. Not just pretending to care but actually care. Like I’m important to them. People are so quick dismiss my feelings. they commonly interrupt me and tell me that something else “is way worse then what i’m dealing with”. Like i don’t deserve to express myself. I don’t deserve to be listened too.

Kittie + Brackish + Sucker Punch = Badass Chicks

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